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Do you want race proven reliability & performance from your 13b or 20b race engine?

Since 2006 we have been supplying our Billet 20B centre plates to customers all over the world including some high profile rotary teams such as Geohimer Racing, Loquito Killer and Major League who have each run World record times using our centre plates in their RX8’s.

After the success of our Billet 20b centre plates, and with further testing and development,  we have now released our Billet by PAC, Alloy Rotary Engines. As used in our 20B powered Mazda 6 SP, these Billet engines are also race proven in our PAC customer cars such as Steven Barnett's RX3 Coupe (Australia's first 6 second 13b powered car and world’s fastest RX3), Grant Henderson’s 13b powered RX3 coupe ( Australia’s fastest rotary on a 28x9 tyre) and Andrew Zada’s 20b powered RX3 Sedan (the World’s fastest Rotary street car on radials).

Our Billet engines have been proven to offer an increase in strength, reliability and power, built to withstand high stress motorsport applications like Drag Racing.  


All of the design and manufacture of our billet plates is completed in-house, here at Pac Performance, built under strict quality control to precise tolerances by our head machinist,  Chris Field. 

Our Billet by PAC engines, come with plates that can be used with all factory parts, requiring no machining to make them fit and are fully serviceable meaning they are repairable if damaged. 

An important feature, exclusive to the PAC engine plates, is the one piece design which have provisions for water jackets, this provides complete cooling to the rotor housings, further protecting your engine and increasing the reliability. With this unique, one piece, design there is no chance of an insert moving or flexing under boost which usually results in water leaking from the engine.

Billet by PAC engines come complete with all necessary dowels & studs and are designed to run with a dry sump pump or OEM oil pump.

Customers wanting to purchase one of our billet engines or plates will need to provide us with a porting template to have the ports machined before assembly. 

Any enquiries relating to our billet engines, plates & accessories need to be forwarded through to our email - and Rocky will respond at his earliest convenience. 

To see a behind the scenes look at the manufacture process, please click on the video below. 


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