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Last Saturday, during a private test day we had 2 more of our customers join the Pac 9 second club both on their first time at the track. Mirko Peric in his freshly rebuilt 1300 Sedan 'ROT4RY' and Mourad Mahmoud also in his recently built RX2 Sedan 'TURETS'. 

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After running a 10.8 on his first pass, Mirko received a few pointers from George and went out to run his first 9 second pass, a 9.78 @139. 

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Mirko then went on to run a few more 9 second passes before finishing the day with an impressive 9.59 @138. With a bit more seat time no doubt Mirko will be running even deeper into the 9's 

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The other rookie racing for the first time was Mourad in his RX2 'TURETS'. After running multiple high 9 second passes Mourad got the launch he was after and ran a best of 9.50 @142. This time was enough to secure Mourad 18th place on the OZ STREET ROTORS TOP 20 LIST. An outstanding effort for his first attempt at drag racing.

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Also out at Sydney Dragway last Saturday was Mark Wilkinson in his 'FRASHA' RX3 Sedan looking to run deeper into the 9's. After running a 9 for the first time with a 9.62 @139 at his last event, Mark was on a mission to go even quicker and break into the 9.4's. Through out the day Mark made around 15 passes with his RX3 running faster with each run until finally he reached his goal launching to a 9.47 @142.
Mark has now caught the drag racing bug hard and is planning to upgrade his setup to try and run into the 8's.
Overall it was a great day out at the track and we look forward to testing again soon.  

Check out the highlights reel of our test day here 


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