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Introducing the MicroTech Torque Control unit. Rocky has worked closely with Dom from MicroTech to develop this product which is used to control the torque converter when staging your drag car. 

How it works 

What the torque control unit does is allows you to control the automatic transmission oil pressure to the torque converter allowing for easier spooling on Turbocharged cars. 
So when the driver activates the transbrake the oil pressure drops to a predetermined value freeing up the converter which then means your turbo can spool with less resistance. Once the turbo has spooled up the torque control unit then increases the torque converter pressure ready to launch. 

For cars with a lock up converter this unit can lock or unlock the converter during gear changes or at a predetermined point in the run. The Torque Control unit allows the converter to lock up at a gradual rate rather than instantly giving the tuner more control of how the car will react during gear changes by helping to eliminate tyre spin or loss of engine RPM's. 


- Trans Brake 
- Bump box
- Lock up function via time or RPM 
- Monitors converter oil pressure
- Monitors transmission oil temperature
- Monitors lock up pressure
- Monitors bump time
- Monitors trans brake

The Torque Control connects to your data logger via a CAN bus and can be controlled by your MictroTech Handset or Laptop. 

Applications - 
Works with nitrous, blown or turbocharged 4cyl, 6cyl, V8, 2 rotor and 4 rotor engines


$ 1,195.00 (GST Inclusive) + Shipping

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