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PAC Performance
 have been established for over 20 years and what was once a small family partnership has now developed into an industry of fast cars, big burnouts and state of the art engineering. The family owned business is at the forefront of the Rotary and Import scene, having produced some of the fastest cars and exciting racers in the world. Their support team consists of a dedicated group of tradesman both on and off the race track.


Rocky is responsible for the research and development at Pac Performance. He has over 20 years experience in the field and with his engineering background and extensive knowledge of the rotary engine, he is one of the best qualified rotary engine builders, dyno tuners and EFI Specialists in the world.


George is a mechanic by trade and driver of the Mazda6 SP. When he is not assisting Rocky with the technical aspects of the business, he is keeping a close eye on sales, customer relations and the general day to day running of the workshop.


Rodney is the youngest of the three brothers and looks after purchasing and turbo sales. When it comes to race day Rodney is the clutch master and also Rockys right hand man, helping with data analysis and team strategy.


A fully qualified mechanic, Jason has been part of the team for three years now after working through his apprenticeship at another privately owner workshop. When he's not turning tools on the various day-to-day jobs, Jason also looks after engine porting duties as well as some smaller general fabrication jobs.


Ross is our in-house fabricator/artist and is responsible for making the impossible, possible. A gun with the welder and able to fabricate and manipulate near anything out of steel, Ross is an integral part of the Pac team with his work playing a part in practically every car that comes through the workshop.


A recent addition to the team, Scibbo is our in-house electrician, looking after all things electrical including wiring jobs, diagnostics and repairs. When he doesn't have a multi meter or soldering iron in his hands Scibbo also helps out Mick and Jason with general workshop mechanical duties


A fourth year apprentice, Jordan has been with the team throughout his apprenticeship looking after Engine disassembly and preparation, powder coating as well as dyno setup and prep.


With over 40 years experience as a toolmaker, Chris is our Head Machinist taking care of the larger machining jobs and CNC work. Chis also looks after the design and manufacture of of our billet engine and driveline components including the 20B center plates



Rob is in charge of spark plugs, all fluids and towing duties. Once all main tasks are completed Rob also helps out with detailing of the Mazda6 SP as well as various other jobs


Chris takes care of driver preparation, getting George ready for each run as well as being Rodney's assistant for the clutch.


Ross' job on race day is to look after chassis alignment and to monitor chassis component and exhaust fatigue as well as taking care of an fabrication or repairs if required.


Joe looks after the Mazda6 SP's chutes, inspecting, packing and setting them up before each pass as well as being on the radio headset, helping George with navigation on the track. Joe also assists Rob with the fluids and a variety of other jobs on the day.


Abo is our very own 'Stat Man' who also helps out with guiding George back after the burnout and sets him up to stage 


George is the man behind the wheel of the Mazda6 SP as well as being the team chef and #1 eater!


When he's not telling George to calm down with the big burnouts, Rocky is looking after the tune for the Mazda6 SP as well as data acquisition and power control


Rodney is the clutch man, sorting out and setting up the clutch system on race day whilst also helping Rocky out with the data side of things. 


Quarter mile drag racing is the very soul of PAC Performance. They eat drink, breathe racing and rotaries. Their initial team consisted of the PACMAN RX3 and EZY08S RX2; two hero cars that worked as R&D subjects, allowing the team to progress to where they are today. Their passion is reflected in the results they have produced with their own cars.

Today Pac Performance is at the forefront of rotary performance, campaigning one of the worlds quickest and fastest rotary powered vehicles with their current lead car, a tube chassis Mazda6 SP that has run a personal best quarter mile ET of 6.35 seconds and top speed of 223mph.


About: The PACMAN RX3 sedan was the original Pac Performance hero car; it’s where it all began. Starting off as a Webber-fed, NA 13B back in 1990 it transformed over the next 13 years into one of the most well-known RX3s in the country and still is to this day.

At one stage the PACMAN RX3 was labelled as the fastest RX3 in the world, an accomplishment that they were very proud of, considering that it was only a 3/4 chassis car. In 2003 The RX3 was sold to an existing customer to help fund a new race car venture, the Pac Performance Mazda MX6.

Best ET: 7.6 @ 179mph (Click on the hyperlink to see this car in action)

Status: Sold


About: A part of the family since 1989, the RX2 coupe later known as EZY08S and PAC272 was Rocky’s baby, easily identified with its striking purple and yellow graphics. Progressing over the years from an aspirated street car to a tubbed and turbo’d dedicated racer it is to this day, one of Pac Performance’s most iconic cars.
Retired from service in 2003 the RX2 was placed under covers and safely tucked away in a corner where it waits patiently for the day it will make its return to the track...

Best ET: 8.6@159mph (Click on the hyperlink to see this car in action)

Status: Retired


About: The Mazda MX6 was our first foray into a pro chassis with the intension of chasing the world record. Debuted Sept 2003 at the Queensland Jamboree we had instant success with the new chassis; re-setting the National PRO RWD ET and MPH record multiple times and winning three back-to-back national records for PRO RWD in Sport Compact for ANDRA.

The MX6 was retired from service in 2009 having run a best of 6.84@204mph, making way for the new Mazda6 however; the car made a brief but successful come-back in 2011 after Rocky’s accident in the Mazda6. The car then bettered its previous PB with a 6.62@210mph before once again retiring to make way for the current race car, the Mazda6 SP.

Best ET: 6.62@210mph (click on the hyperlink for the video)

Status: Retired


About: Younger brother Rodney’s first serious race car, the RX3 sedan was Pac Performance’s 13B R&D vehicle. The Stock chassis sedan had quite a following thanks to its old-school look, slammed stance and performance on the track.

Unfortunately in December 2010 the car was involved in an accident at Sydney Dragway and required substantial repairs however; the car is now close to being ready to make its return, albeit with a new owner/driver. 

Best ET: 7.28@187mph  (click on the hyperlink for the video)

Status: Active

MAZDA6 – 20B

About: After coming to a point with the MX6 that the team saw as the limit of the chassis the choice was made to step up into something newer. This saw the introduction of the original Pac Performance Mazda6 in early 2009. The new chassis almost instantly shot Pac Performance into world-wide fame, running a world record quarter mile time for a rotary-powered vehicle of 6.75@209mph, steered by Rocky at the 2009 Fuchs Nationals.

The car then proceeded to better that ET with a string of new world records until an unfortunate accident in 2011 saw the car retired from service indefinitely.

Best ET: 6.58@208mph  (click on the hyperlink for the video)

Status: Inactive


About: The team’s current lead car. Unveiled in July 2012 it straight away picked up where the previous car left off running straight into the sixes. Just under 12 months later the car, driven by George broke the world record for the fastest rotary-powered vehicle, running a blistering 6.47@222 down the quarter mile at the 2013 Fuchs Winternationals and since improved to a 6.263@223 at the 2015 Melbourne Jamboree. 

Best ET: 6.263@223mph  (click on the hyperlink for the video)

Status: Active


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