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AL HiredGroup
September 20, 2016
Magic touch allrite , Rocky rehayem you are the rotary doctor , i hated driving this car before you applied your magic touch to it... For all you rotary fans out there , please dont make the mistake and be put off something you love because of the incompetence of other so called rotary specialists.. Prior to bringing this car over to pac performance , people remarked of you guys being overpriced and unfair , How wrong you all were!!! By far the best and fairest in the business , the results are evidently open to view and appreciate .. Thank you for welcoming me to your family and look forward to passing this beast down to my boys one day .. R100 UPPP
September 20, 2016
Hey George, the car is insane...unbelievable...f&@ken ridiculously awesome and way better than i could have imagined...thank you so much...please thank the guys too...insane...customer for life!!! 
Peter Campbell
March 29, 2016
Took my RX8 in for Stage 1 & 2 upgrades. The new exhaust tone has a lot more character and there's a lot more pull mid to high RPM's. Thanks to Rocky & team and Rod for making the process easy
February 08, 2016
Hi George, we got a couple of the cars out on saturday, my brother and i had a ball in them. Both cars went all day not a problem, thanks for building such great cars! First time we have had a chance to use them as they should be. 
Mark Whiteman
February 05, 2016
Took my RX8 in and couldn't believe how good and quick the service was. Thanks heaps and can't wait for the next stage of development!
Frankie LaMalfa
November 30, 2015
Hands down!! As a workshop has produced the most competitive and cleanest oldskool rotaries over the last 20 years!!! Good works guys!!
Joe Daminato
September 07, 2015
Job done the right way the first time!!! No short cuts!!! Gr8 people!!
Alex Dilek
August 26, 2015
Awesome people,Quality Quality from the moment you step foot into the premises.
Michael Mifsud
May 05, 2015
Great work.
good to deal with 
True professional
Robert Marsh
March 06, 2015
The most insane rotors getting round
Lee Docherty
January 03, 2015
No better rotary workshop around, great bunch of people.
Tones Sanders
September 24, 2014
Great people, and always have time to speak with you about your wants and needs no matter how busy they are.

Built an incredible car which brings a massive smile to my face every time I look at it let alone drive it!
James Cooper
September 15, 2014
I dropped my 1300 wags off on a day that was very busy for George, he was supposed to be at the track bit waited for me then gave me & a mate a tour of the workshop and race facility, he then went over my car told me what was needed. I cannot wait to pick it up. top service from the best in the business.
Les Hope
September 02, 2014
Car is looking good n going really well , can't wait to see it run at wsid now the weather is getting warmer.. Keep up the good work boys.
Edwin Tito Torres
August 28, 2014
They get "5 star rating" for performances and quality of work PAC performance offers!..all the best to our friends down's to you Rockie..
Darren Peirce
August 15, 2014
By far the best Rotary workshop and race team the world will ever see, the flag is held high by this team. They make the Aussies proud every time they hit the track when most of their time is focused on customers cars. No1 with or without the emoticon
Bean Buckleton
April 22, 2014
I prefer to be racing but when I'm not racing I like to be at PAC performance!
Brandan Buxton
February 14, 2014
Picked my rx3 up today after a full rebuild and tidy up. The work, turn around, customer support and attention to detail is phenomenal. I could not be happier with my car and the way it turned out. PAC have a customer for life in me, my only regret is not taking my car there sooner. Could not recommend them enough to anybody looking for any work done, from a service to full drag car preparation, you would be insane not to at least go and have a chat to the boys. Worlds number 1 rotary and number 1 workshop with countless amazing cars and feel privileged to be a part of the PAC stable. Cant wait to go back!! 10 out of 10
Ed Morales Salgado
December 17, 2013
PAC team does some of the best work on rotaries I've ever done keep up the great work I'm a BIG fan of rotaries I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm a big fan of PAC and of their work keep it up good luck and God bless.
Julio A. Illanas Sepulveda
November 30, 2013
Hi...I am Julio (West) Illanas,Juanchy s (El Papa s driver) father....thanks to you all for your message.Beside all the rivalry that can exist,from our side there is lots of respect and admiration for your team work and organization.Again;thanks and keep it safe.....
Julio Illanas (West Racing & Juanchy s father)
Jakey Sherratt
October 03, 2013
A BIG thank you to George and all the Boys at PAC for the work they have done on my rx3 coupe full driveline under 3 weeks all parts and work done in-house could not be happier best shop in OZ!
Ally Turoczi
August 25, 2013
Pac performance was truly amazing! What a good effort they put into on sat at the adelaide international raceway. And how truly kind they were to my 11 year old son jayden!! Done well yet again!!!
Rob Kristy Dimoski
May 22, 2013
Best experience ever when u want the best u just gotta go to the best

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