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We're making shopping for an ECU for your car that much easier with our range of ECU packages, featuring carefully selected, quality components that are perfectly matched for your application!

The Haltech Elite 1500 DBW Ready ECU package provides all the crucial components to run your 2-Rotor or 4-cylinder engine, whether naturally aspirated or running forced induction. This is the perfect kit if you're looking to upgrade an older ECU for one with all the latest and greatest features & functions, or for switching your street car from carby to EFI with electronic DBW throttle.

The Haltech DBW Ready ECU package is based around the popular Elite 1500 ECU, a two-connector, stand-alone ECU ideal for performance and racing 2-Rotor & 4-Cylinder applications that offers advanced functionality including drive-by-wire throttle control, intake and exhaust cam control, short-term and long-term map learning, dual channel knock control, and much more!

Like all Elite ECUs, the Elite 1500 (HT-150900) now runs the new Nexus Software Programmer (NSP) which brings new levels of functionality never seen before in an engine control package and we've combined this power-packed ECU with a capable high-output ignition system, wideband kit & recommended sensors to get you sorted -  whether you're setting up a 2-rotor or 4 cylinder engine, NA or forced induction.

Elite 1500 Features:

- Supports 1 to 12-cylinder engines
- 2 rotor engines
- Normally aspirated or forced induction
- Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow (MAF)
- Staged, sequential, semi-sequential, batch or multipoint injection patterns
- Distributor ignition systems, multi-coil systems, expand CDI range or Haltech Multiplex CDI systems
- Connect to a wide range of display dashes and expansion devices via CAN.
- 4 x fuel injection outputs
- 4 x ignition outputs
- 12 x digital outputs
- 10 x analogue voltage inputs
- 4 x synchronised pulsed inputs
- 3 x dedicated inputs (knock, ignition switch & onboard MAP Sensor)
- 2 x dedicated engine position inputs with extensive trigger type support
- Up to 45 channels of Input & Output (I/O) expansion (via CAN)
- On-Board Data Logging
- Electric DBW throttle Control (Single)
- Engine Protection (Multi-Level)
- Launch Control
- Nitrous Control (up to 6 stages)
- Anti-Lag/Rotation Idle & Rolling Anti-Lag
- Traction Control
- Trans Brake
- Knock Control
- CO2 Control
- Intake Air Bleed Control
- Advanced Flat-Shift Support
- Race Timer
- USB laptop communication (Windows)
- NSP Calibration Software - intuitive and easy to use

Included in the package are 4x high-output IGN-1A coils which feature built-in igniters to take care of ignition duties, along with the must-have sensors to allow you to get the most of your ECUs capabilities -  A single channel WB1 CAN o2 Wideband Kit featuring the latest version Bosch 5 wire LSU 4.9 oxygen sensor, combined with two high-quality Honeywell brass body Oil & Fuel Pressure sensors & Water & Air Temp Sensors.
Package Includes:

- Haltech Elite 1500 ECU
- Choice of Universal, Premium or Terminated 13B Harness
- 4x Haltech IGN-1A Coil Packs
- Haltech WB1 Wideband Kit
- Oil & Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit - Honeywell sensors
- Water & Air Temperature Sensors

- Universal
- 2-Rotor Engines
- 4-Cylinder Engines

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