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The MicroTech LT-10C is a great entry level ECU featuring simple, easy to use tuning software with adjustments able to be made via laptop or the MicroTech handset. With simple and straightforward installation and it’s extremely attractive price the LT-10C is one of the most popular and affordable ECUs on the market.

With 4 injector & ignition outputs as standard the Microtech LT-10C has the capability to work with 4 cylinder engines and 2 rotors as well as controlling sequential injection and direct fire igntion on 4 cylinder and 2 rotor Mazda rotary engines or wasted spark ignition on engines up to 8 cylinders. It will also support most factory ignition systems such as multi coil and distributor as well as aftermarket ignition systems such as CDi’s or MSD. For the best bang for your buck combo however, the MicroTech LT-10C is commonly used with the MicroTech X4 igniter box, providing an extremely high output direct fire ignition system without breaking the bank.

An exciting new feature added to the Microtech LT-10C is the addition of a CAN output which will allow the MicroTech ECU to connect directly to most common aftermarket dash loggers such as Racepak, PCS or MoTec. The MicroTech transmits data via the CAN bus at 1 Mbit/second.


- 32 Bit Motorola Processor
- Supports up to 8 Cyl & 2 Rotor Engines
- Support for most factory multi coil & distributor ignitions & aftermarket systems
- 4 injector outputs- 4 ignition outputs
- RPM Tuning Range 500rpm to 9,000rpm(10,000rpm & 12,000rpm Software Upgrade Available as an Option)
- Sequential, Group Fire and Staged Injection Modes
- 25psi MAP sensor standard (30 & 45 psi upgrades available)
- 2 Step/Launch Control Limiter
- Multiple outputs for features like shift lights, thermo fans, idle motors & 2-step/launch control
- 1 Year Warranty

NOTE: When placing order please advise what engine configuration/ Ignition set up you are running as each ecu is setup from Microtech to suit your application.

Any changes to your setup will require you to send the ecu back to Microtech to be reconfigured.  

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