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We're now into the third week for our 5-week challenge RX3 build, progress has been steady so far as we try to squeeze in some hours in between Jambo prep in the past few weeks.

A freshly-built S6 13BT block is now installed, held in place by one of our new H/Duty engine mount and plate combos and the boys have started to fit up the manifolds and accessories including a new Multi-rib Pulley Kit and H/Duty 110amp alternator as well as a full cooling kit with alloy radiator & shroud combo, oil cooler and a big 4in intercooler up front.

The boys have also started to fit up the cars new braking system with all new components including booster and master cylinders. Next up will be all new hard lines and hose ends throughout the car.

Inside the fire wall and front foot-well area has been treated to some Dynamat sound deadening which will not only help to keep road and engine noise to a minimum inside the cabin but also reduce heat transfer from the dump pipe etc...

Outside things are pretty much the same as seen in our first update apart from the addition of a new set of Teacup tail lights which certainly tie in well with the exterior colour choice.

Now that Jambo has passed the boys will be flat-chat working on the car to try and hit the deadline... Stay tuned for more updates.