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After smashing their street tyres at Poweplay the weekend prior, Andrew 'Gooza' and Eric Wolf were keen as to swap over to some slicks and hit the strip. Perfect weather greeted the pair and lower than usual entrant numbers saw the guys able to do laps of the Sydney Dragway strip and get a heap of seat time in their RX3s

Running straight into the 10s at his first meet  a few weeks ago, Andrew was set on improving on his 10.5 PB. Laying down a handful of back-to-back 10-forties, Andrew managed a best of 10.38@130.

Heading out with slicks for the first time, Eric spent the day getting a handle of the car and working on his launch technique. It can take quite a bit of practice to get this right when leaving the line on the foot brake. There's a fine line between bogging down and wheel spinning and it takes time to get used to finding that sweet spot.

Unfortunately a boost issue only allowed Eric to run on the cars street low boost setting on the day however Eric still managed to run a few 11.0 passes at 122mph during the heat of the day. With the problem now sorted we'll certainly see Eric join Andrew in the 10s when he heads back out this Wednesday night.

Thanks to Cackling Pipes for the photos