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'BOS225' is now looking fresher than ever after it's latest makeover, with Gas treating his beast to a range of upgrades including a fresh coat of paint in a very classy, yet subtle metallic blue hue from the Porsche catalogue.
At the same time, the car has also copped a full revamp of the interior that really sets this car apart, giving it it's own style with the tartan inserts which is sure to set a few new trends within the scene.
Seriously, how awesome does the MoTeC C1212 Display look in the factory RX2 dash, especially with the custom display by Connexion Concepts!

The car was also fitted with a new set of street wheels - the new-style Simmons B45's not being to everyone's taste, but with the goal of trying something different, we think they work on the car & Gas is happy with how it looks & that's all the matters in the end.
In the end, this is one of only a few genuine 8-second, small-tyre steeters out there, it goes like the clappers and has interior comfort that would rival many big $$ late model sports cars - So really, what's not to LOVE about that??

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