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It's been a long road for Daniel's RX2, a car that's been through a few different build stages before finally resulting in the gorgeous example you see here...

Wind back the clock some 20 years ago, we carried out work on the car with the intention of turning it into a dedicated racer. Mini tubs, adjustable 9" rear end, roll cage and engine mounting some serious weight-saving mods were carried out and the car was raced for a few years.

Fast forward to around 2016 and Daniel made the same decision a lot of racers are making these days, to revert the car back to street-trim.

Since then Daniel has been chipping away at the rebuild, bit by bit and even had the car back on the street for a short period of time, before bringing the car back to us earlier this year to finally finish the car off properly and bring his vision to reality.

As you all know we don't do things by halves here at Pac HQ, so the boys got stuck into turning the then bare-bones build into a true streeter.

The lexan windows were replaced with real glass and inner door frames were welded back in, as was the original fuel filler to be plumbed up to one of our custom high-capacity fuel tank setups with in-tank pumps.

Every corner of the car was updated & upgraded this time, all except for the original S4 13B block, Turbosmart wastegate which is all that remains from the previous build.

Driveline, fuel system, cooling system, brakes, suspension & all electrics were all rebuilt & re-worked with the best Pac gear on offer.

This includes a full MoTeC M130 management package combined with massive C1212 display dash which looks right at home in the sexy new interior that was knocked up by the team at X-trim Motor Trimming

The result, in Daniel's own words, is better than he could have imagined - an extreme makeover at its best!

Daniel has been enjoying the car to the fullest the past week, clocking up almost 1000kms over the course of a few days!

Now's the time to get out and enjoy it mate, have some fun cruising and we'll see you back at the shop again when you're ready to upgrade that engine to something a little angrier!


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