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This gorgeous-looking RX3 coupe has always been a popular car with the RX3 fans and was already pretty much sorted when it comes to the driveline and interior/exterior aesthetics, but as we have proven time and time again, even some things that seem perfect at one point can still be upgraded and updated with the latest and greatest gear, features and functions.

Following in the footsteps of many of our customers, Stefan has opted to upgrade the car to a full MoTeC M130 engine management system combined with our new Electric DBW Throttle Body Kit which will open up a whole heap more tunability for both the street and track.

While we were at it, the boys have also added a Transmission Control Package with Paddle Shift for the C4. A seriously-cool bit of kit, the simple keypad gear selector takes place of the manual gear shifter mechanism whilst the neatly-mounted paddles allow the driver to shift through gears with speed and accuracy whilst gripping the wheel with both hands. 

In addition to the convenience these additions present, thanks to clever and thoughtful mounting, it also helps give the interior a very clean, modern look.

Followers of the car may also notice the OM Simmons that the car was fitted with originally have been put in the shed and replaced with a new set of beadlock RC Comps and sticky MT radials so Stefan can get a real feel for what this staunch 13B can deliver.

So What do you guys think...? Did we do a good job of making LIL13B that Lil' bit cooler...??

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