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With our ever-evolving car scene and our drive do make each build better than the last comes increased demand and yerning from our customers for that something special, something new - the best of the best for their build.

Greg Taylor is one such customer and when you consider his taste for luxury cars and the fact he spends a lot of his time racing around in a GT Motorsport Audi R8 LMS, you can imagine he would be looking for something special to power his newly-acquired genuine 12A RX3.

This seriously-clean genuine RX3 had already been treated to a full restoration by the previous owner and was running a webber-fed 13B backed by a RX7 5-speed. While for many Mazda enthusiasts this would have been more than enough, Greg simply wanted better - something unmistakenly NA but with all the refinement of our latest & greatest turbo street cars.

The choice was made to power the car with a 13B peripheral port, but not just any PP - a Billet By PAC PP. With specially-made end plates with no factory port, it removed the need to seal up ports in OEM plates, meaning no chance of leaking and it also means that Greg can enjoy all the benefits of the aluminium plates including vastly-improved engine cooling

With many of the parts for the rebuild already on the shelf, ready to bolt in, things have progressed quickly with the car already receiving a full 9" diff upgrade and Wilwood brakes all 'round and as we type this, the new high-capacity fuel system was also being installed.

Looking for the best finish possible, the car will now be sent off to have the engine bay tidied up and resprayed before the rest of the gear gets installed, including full cooling system and of course, the billet 13BPP which will be running one of our IDA EFI setups controlled by a MoTeC M130 management system.

There's plenty more to come yet from this build and we can't wait to show you all. Safe to say it's going to be something special and we're sure it's going to tick all of Greg's boxes once she's up and running. be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates as work continues.




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