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Last Wednesday night saw our team take on Gas Racing in the Workshop Wars Grand Final in a Rotor vs Piston showdown. 



The first of 2 drivers representing our team on the night was Eric Wolf in his RX3 Sedan 'TRIPLE' and as the licence plate suggests it is 20B powered.

Eric's RX3 was the first street car to recieve a full set (all 4) of our #BilletbyPAC plates. With this combo, Eric has run a best of 7.92 @173 so far with much more to come. 



The second driver representing our team was Andrew Zada in the 'PAC275' RX3 Sedan, also 20B powered. Andrew's car was the first of our street cars to recieve our 20B center plate. Andrew's personal best to date in the car is 7.95 @173. 



Both cars were driven to the event where they each raced 3 consistent low 8 second passes. Eric won 2 heats and lost 1 and Andrew won 1 heat and lost 2 leaving our team tied with Gas Racing at 3 wins a piece. 

With there being a tie in round wins it all came down to extra points which were awarded for quickest ET in a round and consistency. 



In the end both teams were seperated by just 1 point: Gas Racing -73 points to Pac Performance - 74 points and the win!! 



After the event both Eric and Andrew drove their cars home, stopping for some food on the way... These are regularly driven street cars after all. #BilletbyPACtough 


Check out the full run down of racing thanks to Mark & Rita from Fast Performance Videos

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