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We have a few new entries on our #BilletbyPAC list now and a few new pb's. 
George Rehayem’s 'TO900D' RX3 became the first full #BilletbyPac plated 13B street car in early 2017 running into the 8's with an impressive 8.94 @151 
Mario Rehayem also had a great year in his little pocket rocket Toyota Starlet with his #BilletbyPac 13B, running a best of 7.26 @183 
The newest car to grace our list is the 3/4 chassis 13B powered, New Albert RX7 which recently ran a new pb of 7.14 @192, driven by Erick Galarza
With his new full chassis 20B RX3, Sam Sadek ran a best of 7.03 @194 at the time claiming the title of worlds fastest Automatic Rotary. 
After a sketchy start to the year the Queen Street Group BMW returned to the race track with a new combo of #BilletbyPAC 20B and Turbo 400 transmission. With Sam Meintanis now behind the wheel the team broke into the 6's on their first pass of the trailer with a 6.97. With only a handful of passes this car has now run a best of 6.82 @199 and is the worlds fastest automatic rotary. 
In December last year the Quiles Turbo Racing RX7, now running our #BilletbyPAC plates ran an insane 6.34@217 reclaiming the 13B world record! 
Already on the list but now with new pb's is Andrew Zed in the PAC275 RX3 with a 7.95 @173, Kevin Awadsn in his 28x9 RX8 with a 7.58 @183 and Rodney Rehayem with a 6.94 @193 in his 13B RX3 sedan.

What a year it has been for our #BilletbyPAC family. We now look forward to an even bigger and better 2018 with quite a few more customers getting ready to hit the racetrack in their #BilletbyPAC plated beasts. 
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