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With so many of our customers looking to get any edge they can to stay competitive amongst the various street car 'lists', along with our continuous drive to further enhance the performance and drivability of these cars, we have had quite a few cars, including Johnny Sault's 'BLISTK' RX2 being upgraded to the latest and greatest Motec M1 Series engine management systems.

This step that sees the car being fitted with an M130 ECU, along with our new Electric DBW Throttle Setup will open up a plethora of tuning advantages that will not only apply to the race track, but also on the street and when combined with the C127 display dash units fitted to many of our street cars, provides what we're considering to be the best possible package on offer today.

While the advantages offered by this new system is vast and very detailed, just the DBW throttle alone offers great potential by providing your ECU/ tuner full control over airflow, allowing for further customisation of maps for instances like hot/cold start as well as additional safety features, power management, traction control and even cruise control - your only limits are your ECUs capabilities and your tuners ingenuity. 

Over the coming few months, once the event restrictions begin to ease and we can get back to racing, you will begin to see the results coming from these cars and be able to judge for yourself. Every car we upgrade, every time we're on the dyno and cruising the street we're learning more and more about the capabilities of these systems and are very excited to explore all the possibilities they will open up.

Right now though, Jonny is keen-as-mustard to get this beast on the track and play with the big tyre boys. This car has run a best of 8.87 @151 with the previous owner and OEM cast plates. Now running a full Billet By PAC 13B combo along with a few other upgrades, expect to see this little 235-wearing sedan push even deeper into the 8s in full street trim