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The 2023 Brisbane Jamboree has been run & won and what a crazy few days at the track it was for our team! We were thrown a few curve balls, by way of a challenging start line that had our clutch guys working overtime, some ignition Gremlins with the Mazda6 and the RX8 just being it's usual unruly self, keeping the crew on their toes each and every pass, but in the end, as usual the team came together and made things happen when they needed to!

With many of the usual Factory Xtreme cars entrants MIA for the event, Rodney stepped up to race the 13B RX8 against the big dogs and of course his big bro in the Mazda6 and although both cars had their issues, they battled their way through the field and ended up paired up in the finals for one last battle - 13B vs 20B & not a piston in sight...

Already a win for the Pac team, the final race was sure to be a thrilling spectacle and while it wasn't a full race to the finish line, as you'll see in this highlight clip, it was a great watch and shows just how exciting sport compact racing can be!

A Jambo just wouldn't be the same without the Sadek crew, so the boys made the trek north with Jays 20B coupe, racing in Pro Turbo.

Anthony Daquino & his team battled it out in Pro Compact with their 13B RX3, managing to secure best qualifyer in the class early on Saturday with a 7.09@191 which is well off the pace for the car that has been as quick as 6.78@201.

Like many other teams, the boys fought with the start line grip and suffered some annoying mechanical failures throughout the few days of testing and racing but the boys were still managed to make it to all the qualifiers and all 3 rounds of racing which was a massive effort & one they should be proud of!

Jambo's not only about racing for the Pac crew, we also had a few of our customers have their cars on display & looking fine in the Show n Shine

Mahmoud's outlandish RX3 Coupe 'WLD20B' made the trip up from Sydney and took out 'Best Rotary Engine Bay'

Queensland local Allan collected 'Top Sedan' & '3rd Overall' with the immaculate 'SAVANA3'.

A big congratulations boys & thanks for representing as always!

While we may have had a smaller group of cars racing at the event than usual, the 2023 Brisbane Jamboree was still an exciting and memorable one, with the boys enjoying putting on a show for our supporters & the awesome crowd!

The whole team, including the crews, merch team & support group had an absolute blast & that's what it's all about - coming together, working together, and having fun together.

Here's a quick mash-up we've put together from the event, hope you guys enjoy it & see you all in Adelaide in November!

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