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The boys really saved the best 'till last when it comes to engine builds for 2023, with this epic peripheral port 26B Quad Rotor being the last setup to leave the engine room here at Pac HQ.

Destined for a customer's wild RX4 coupe build, this high-comp NA setup will feature individual throttles on a custom intake manifold joining it to those massive PP ports

As you can see, the choice was made to retain the use of some original Mazda cast end plates, modified to suit the pp, and then pieced together by Rocky & Peter in a tag-team effort. Essentially being 2x 13B engines, the job of building this beast of an engine was quite involved, even requiring a custom setup for the engine stand to allow it to be built on the stand, as opposed to on a bench which is how most 4-rotor engines are completed.

A long-term project build, we're super excited to finally be at the stage where we can begin assembly of the car and put this engine in it's new home, as this means that it's one step closer to us being able to fire it up and hear those 4-rotors sing!

It won't be long before we have another update for you on this engine and the car it's going into so be sure to stay tuned on our socials for that! But until then, here's a quick clip, taking a look at how the boys built this fat stack of rotary goodness!

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