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Following in the footsteps of many of our customers, Andrew 'The Dentist' Maratos is latest recruit for the #M1ARMY with his RX3 streetcar 'DENT5T'. 
As part of the new upgrade, the car is now running one of our hugely-popular Electric DBW Throttle Conversion kit which bolts straight up to the factory Cosmo intake. With this setup replacing the cable-operated throttlebody, Andrew will be able to take advantage of improvements in boost control & power management as well as overall drivability.
Wanting to keep the current Sparco pedal set in the car, the boys have retro-fitted the pad to the new electric pedal assembly which makes the update almost undetectable.
Calling the shots is now a Motec M130 engine management system with all the fruit that hides tucked away neatly inside the glove box
After some fine-tuning on the dyno the car is running like a dream with the new setup, it's street manners which were already superb, now on a whole other level!
the team are keen to see the new upgrades put to work on the track but with most raceways still under lockdown we'll have to wait to see how far the ETs will tumble...
Want to know what all the fuss is with the Motec M1-Series ECUs? Give us a call at the workshop and we'll be more than happy to give you a rundown on the full benefits and opportunities these amazing ECUs can open up for you.
You can also check out the DBW conversion kit here -

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