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Built with this single goal in mind, it's only taken a few meets for Peter Rehayem to steer the 'HACSAW' RX3 straight to the top of the list & claim the 13B Street King crown from fellow Pac racer Rami and his 'CALHLP' RX3 with a crazy 8.33@164 pass.
As impressive as this is on its own, the fact that the car ran several back-to-back 8.4 passes & an 8.39, all at 160+mph, going as fast as 165mph proves without a doubt that this car is the real deal!
As Peter gets more comfortable in the drivers seat and Rocky & the boys work on fine-tuning the MoTeC M150 ecu and tweaking the suspension & rear end, the car is going to without a doubt continue to improve & provide us with a load of data that we can then go back and use to help our customer achieve results with their cars.
Driven to the track, thrashed for 2 days straight and then driven home again (with a brief stop over at the Pizza shop for a feed) Check out the car in action in the video below >

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