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Making the HUGE 14 hour trek south to new Dragway at The Bend for the first Adelaide Jamboree, it was an exciting time for the Pac Performance team, and although the fresh track threw a few curve balls at us, we still managed to come away with plenty of positives, a few PBS and a heap of memories!

The Mazda6 SP has always been a crowd favorite down south & it's been some time since the Mazda6 SP has raced on SA soil, so George was super-excited to be able to bring the car out for the 1st Adelaide Jamboree at Dragway at The Bend & put on a show!

While many of its passes over the 3 days we had on the track the car simply blazed the tyres, George did manage to pull off a handful of full-track passes at some crazy MPH, including a 6.39@224 & a 6.41@228 on its last pass of the meet, with another 226mph blast in between...

Unfortunately on that last pass, matched up against Jay Sadek in his new Mazda3, only 1 of the 2 chutes deployed which saw the car end up in the sand - thankfully intact, relatively undamaged...

While we missed out on a trip to the finals this time, the team was happy to see consistency with the trap speed and we now look forward to getting the car back on our home track at Sydney Dragway for the upcoming Midnight Mayhem event

Like George in the Mazda6, Rodney also struggled to put down clean passes on the new track, but certainly for lack of trying with the crew turning the car around time and time again during testing and making adjustments to try and get down the track.

This effort wasn't lost though, with a handful of 6-second passes put down, including a best of 6.54 and yet another trip to the finals in Pro Compact! unfortunately, though, the last pass of the event was a pedal-fest against the RX8 of Marcus Pepe, with Rodney taking runner-up.

This event saw the much-anticipated race debut of Jay Sadek's new Mazda3 Pro Car 'Saloupa', and what an awesome first outing it was for the Sadek Racing Team!

After a handful of shakedown passes on a testing track surface, Jay picked up right where he left off with the RX3, putting down an impressive 6.55@212 on his first full-track pass! #NOICE

Jay would then go on to back up that run with an arrow-straight 6.76@213 and a 6.92@177, off the throttle just after mid-track in a match-up with George on Saturday afternoon, where he may or may not have pulled a car length on the veteran racer out of the hole. Running the 20B/T400 combo out of their record-holding RX3 coupe, we're super-excited to see Jay and his team advance with this new pro chassis and take on the best of the best sport compact machines in the country...

Chris McSherry was super-excited to be able to race his RX3 at his new home track and even though Chris is still getting comfortable behind the wheel of his crazy 3-rotor RX3, that didn't stop him from running some impressive passes at the new Dragway at The Bend on Thursday during testing...

Once the boys tweaked the power management to suit the fresh track surface, Chris blasted out PB after PB, starting off with an 8.7, and an 8.34@170, before backing it up with an 8.28@169 and a flying 8.18@169 to finish the day. Chris wasn't able to race on the Saturday due to a prior engagement, but rest assured he'll be back out on track soon looking to hunt down that 7-second timeslip!

After having a shocking start in testing and qualifying, Russell & Team Archer shower determination and perseverance to soldier on and bring home a win in 'Modified Compact' with their 13BT RX4 - Making it happen when it counts!!

Like all racers, the boys competed with the challenging track surface which was only made worse by a transmission gremlin that had the scrambling to even get a full pass in... Thankfully, after deciding to swap out the transmission late Friday night, Russel managed to put down some clean passes on Saturday afternoon with the consistency needed to come out in front in the DYO class.

With a best of 8.92@155 in Rnd1, Russel set an 8.93 dial-in going into Rnd2 and banged out a 9.00@154 which pushed them into the final where Russell cut a light and brought home the win with a 9.40@100 with the chutes out so as not to break out... As a bonus for the team, Russel was also awarded the Garrett - Advancing Motion Contingency Prize, as the class winner with the best reaction time

An awesome effort and result for the team which further proves the switch to the new MoTeC management system and C4 combo was well worth it! We can't wait to see the boys continue their success at the Sydney event in March!

We want to send out HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support for the boys on the track as well as those who stopped by and picked up gear from our merch trailer, we love you guys!

We have a large customer & fan base in SA, including plenty of lifetime PAcsters like the gentleman above and it was great to meet & see everyone out in their Pac gear!

To our sponsors Garrett - Advancing Motion, VP Race Fuels, Connexion Concepts, MoTeC, Sydney Wrap Shop / Jetpac Dezign, GADGET Pro Electrical, these road trips and racing as a whole for us wouldn't be possible without your ongoing support, and thank you to the crew and staff at Dragway at The Bend as well as the whole Jamboree did to make the event happen and we appreciate the opportunity to help showcase sport compact drag racing once again in the south!

Bring on Sydney Jamboree in March!!

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