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We've been lucky enough to build some amazing cars over the years and we've lost count of how many cars we've had come through the door but every now and then a job rolls in that you will remember for some time...

Over the past few weeks we've have the pleasure of working on David Brown's unique RX4 coupe 'LOCNES'. Originally brought to us for soley for an engine rebuild and tune, after going over the car with David and listening to his story, the decision was made to add a few other things to the list.

You see, David is a hard core rotor fan who has always dreamed of owning a PAC-spec car and his RX4 is his pride and joy, holding a lot of sentimental value, so rather than bolting all the old, dated gear back onto the engine, we PAC'd the engine bay out with a new Garrett GTX42 turbo kit as well as giving the whole bay a makeover to make it something David could be proud to show off!

As you can see from the above photo, the difference is HUGE!! And that's just the asthetics side of things...

On Friday afternoon David came into the shop to pick up with car and whilst doing the handover David simply couldn't wipe the smile off his face, and neither could we!

Although unable to drive the car himself, David loves nothing more than riding shotgun cruising the streets or even more so, thrashing around the track at Powercruise & Rotary Revival events with friends and family on steering duties.

To make things as comfortable as possible for David & his driver, we also upgraded the seating with a pair of Recaro Sportster CS and a 5-point harness to hold everyone in place during those spirited driving sessions 💪

We now can't wait to get the car back for the final tune so we can make that smile even bigger!