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As with the recent boom in popularity of our local rotary-dedicated events, the Mazda RE-Union 2020 event held in Taupo, New Zealand is fast becoming one of the must-attend events on the calendar!  

Event organisers Tony Gallacher & Guy Maxwell have done a great job growing this concept in NZ and this year's event was set to be the biggest yet with over 400 rotary-powered cars in attendance.

This year we managed to smuggle our sales guy James across the ditch for the event to help with showcasing our billet plates and a bunch of PAC gear supplied by our NZ distributor to the locals at the event.

With plenty of PACsters residing in the land of the long white cloud, this put smiles on a lot of faces...
More and more products are being sold each year by our official NZ distributor Azhar, so there was plenty of cars at the event rocking our gear as well as items purchased from our range.
Michael Cooke has been loading his RX3 sedan with PAC gear over the past few months, including one of our alloy radiator setups, multi-rib pulley kit, coil packs and our full rubber kit to name a few.
Matty Hogan recently purchased an Elite Intake manifold setup from us for his 13BT Cosmo '2HYPO'. 
This latest upgrade no doubt helping the big jap sedan take out runner-up in the burnout comps Turbocharged class.
Azhar's Prowear RX3 was in attendance, always one to get plenty of attention with its crazy 26BPP setup.
This is yet another car that has a number of PAC parts throughout the build...
After setup and scrutineering on Friday, Saturday morning saw the main event kick off with the parade lap around Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park. A highlight of the weekend for many.
Throughout the day, entrants had a number of opportunities to cruise the track with their mates, cut sick and have fun in a controlled manner...
An awesome introduction to this years event, organisers also set up a Taxi stand where entrants could offer up any free seats in their car to keen spectators looking to get in on the on-track action...
The drift sessions were popular this year for both entrants and spectators alike... After all, who doesn't like watching screaming rotors blazing tyres through corners...??
Driving activities aside, there was plenty more to see at the event. Any downtime in between looking after the PAC stand and talking to customers gave our sales guy James a great opportunity to check out the cool and unique stuff the NZ rotary scene has to offer.
While build styles can certainly differ a lot to our local stuff here in Oz, there was plenty of quality on display and some down-right crazy builds floating around!
The Mad Max quad-rotor FD was one such car - this balls-out build no doubt getting every rotor-heads heart pumping...
Another car that certainly got James' attention was this slammed RX2 sedan. The engine bay of this beast was just as clean and mean as the outside with a grumpy injected 20BPP producing a mystical 3-rotor symphony!
Early model RWD 323s are definitely a popular model for Kiwi enthusiasts, with several crazy rotor-converted examples cruising around. 
James was lucky enough to get a ride in the passenger seat of Tony Hancox's 323 wagon during the burnout comp, able to see first-hand how hard these guys push their cars. Check out the video on our FB page HERE.
Easily the wildest 323 at the event, Joshua McCarthy's 'ONMETH' took out 'King of REunion' - with Josh wringing the neck of the thirsty 13BPP all weekend in every driving event, much to the delight of the crowd!
While wet weather put a bit of a downer on the final day, overall the event went off without a hitch and from all accounts, a great time was had by all - James can certainly vouch for that!
Things didn't just stop there either, with the boys organising a charity cruise for Kidney Kids NZ after the event to the town of Taupo with a bunch of cars from the event getting involved which was great to see.
We would like to thank Azhar for organising to get James over for the event and the awesome hospitality as always, as well as Tony & Guy for the opportunity to attend the event and we look forward to working with them for future events! If you ever have the opportunity to get over the NZ around this time of year, we highly recommend you check out the event in person!
For more info on this epic event check out the Rotary REunion official facebook page HERE
And for all of your Pac parts needs in NZ make sure you contact our official NZ Distributor Azhar by email on - or DM him directly on his facebook page HERE