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With all the positive results coming from races this month both local and international getting plenty of attention, we're excited to announce four new race teams that will be joining the Billet By PAC family.

Looking to step up their game moving into the tail end of 2019 is the awesome Naomi Racing. This impressive little Corolla has already run the best of a 7.22@190mph and they are gunning to break the 6 second barrier with a full Billet by Pac, 13B engine kit.


Driven and owned by Tony Matias, the car is looked after by Kery Pro, Wilbert Anaya and West Inc. Welcome to the family guys and thank you for believing in our product!!!

Another popular racer joining the Billet by PAC family is none other than Len Bacon and his FD RX7 "Mina De Cobre". Best known for his appearance on the, the "BaconRX7" is a real crowd pleaser and Len is excited to take his machine to the next level with help from his tuner Wilmer Ortiz and JPR Imports.

Len has run the best of a 7.83 and is currently the second fastest IRS, RX7, down the quarter and his ultimate goal is to be running in the 7.70s with a full 13B , Billet by PAC engine kit.

We would like to welcome Len and his beautiful wife Jamie Naame to the Billet by PAC family and we look forward to seeing how this beast progresses with this new setup. Good Luck team!

If you haven't already seen it, checkout his feature on 1320video -


We are also excited to welcome the Iyani Racing team to the Billet by PAC family. The little blue starlet, owned by Ramon Colon and driven by Abron Ramos, ran the best of 7.027@197.86 at the recent Pan Ams.

The team will be fitting a full #BilletbyPAC 13B engine kit and are aiming to break into the 6's with the help of Kery Perfomance and Wilbert Performance. Good Luck team !!!!

Last but certainly not least, if you follow the drag racing in Puerto Rico, then you would know this little old skool Datsun!

Owner/driver Luis Soto Pereira has run the best of 7.70@170mph and the car is tuned by Juny Perf.

The team will be pushing to lowering their times once they install their new billet setup, we welcome Luis and the Chim Bum Ban Racing team to the Billet by PAC family.

Exciting times ahead so be sure to stay tuned for updates!