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After coping a beating late last year from a rear tyre blow out as well as a slight tap of the wall on the right side rear quarter the Mazda6 SP was looking a bit worse for ware. A lot of late nights and hard work saw the car repaired temporarily to allow the team to continue racing and although from afar it was hard to notice 3/4 of the car was vinyl wrapped, it was not up to the standard the car deserved

With a short break between race meetings the team decided it was a good opportunity to repair the car properly and give it a quick exterior freshen up.

The entire right side rear quarter, along with the side skirting was cut off the body in preparation for the brand new carbon panel.

As the car sits now the new rear quarter panel and side skirt has been attached to the shell with a lot of time and effort put in to ensure that everything lines up perfect. That way when it comes time to re-fit the carbon wheel tub it all fits up nicely.

To ensure that panel stays where it should while the epoxy resin dries completely the panel work is clamped up and will stay like this for the next day or two until we get back to work on the car.

Once this stage of the repair work has been completed the car will then head over to Custom Bodyworks where Danny and his team will work their magic.

Stay tuned to the Pac Performance Facebook page for more updates on our progress as it happens.