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For some time now Pac Performance has been revered for building some of the countries toughest rotary street cars. After years of R&D we believe we have created combinations and packages that deliver the three main ingredients that we consider essential for this kind of application; Power, Response & Reliability.
The Pac Performance ‘Project 500’ RX8 is an in-house build being developed to showcase our Stage 4 upgrade package for the Mazda RX8. This is the ultimate power package upgrade for your RX8, transforming it from a mild-mannered cruiser to an exotic killer whilst still retaining a stock-like appearance, drivability and reliability. Drive in, drive out.
The Pac Performance Stage 4 upgrade is the same package as used on the Mazda Australia Targa Tasmania cars and includes a full engine rebuild with upgraded seals, extra doweling and turbo porting.

Helping the 13B Renesis engine do its thing will be a custom Pac Performance-spec'd Garrett turbo built specifically for this application; mounted on a custom-built steam pipe manifold. In an effort to retain a factory appearance under the hood, keep the manifold and exhaust design simple and very importantly, maintain the cars great balance, the turbo setup has been mounted nice and low.

This positioning necessitated some clearancing to be done on the factory cross member which is carried out by our in-house fabricator Ross.

Although a large amount of material is removed, it is replaced with much thicker steel plating and substantial re-enforcing and bracing will be carried out, making the modified cross member much stronger than the original.

Every aspect of this kit has been thoroughly researched with a lot of effort being put into strengthening, clearance and ease of access; aspects that other manufacturers often miss-prioritise or even overlook completely when developing so-called bolt-on ‘kits’.

At Pac performance we pride ourselves in the quality of our work and so with all of our builds we only use quality, proven parts. In saying this, that's exactly what you will find in the Pac Performance Stage 4 Power Package. Top-shelf components from Garrett, Haltech, Turbosmart are utilised throughout making this package quality from every angle. Drive in with a mild mannered cruiser, drive out with an exotic-killer!
Every aspect of the upgrade has been covered as can be seen in the spec list below;
  • Engine rebuild including new seals, doweling and porting
  • Custom Garrett turbo spec'd specifically for application
  • Custom steam pipe exhaust manifold
  • Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate external wastegate & plumb back BOV
  • Full turbo-back exhaust
  • Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU with Flex Fuel sensor
  • Pac Performance alloy radiator
  • Pac Performance front mount intercooler and alloy piping
  • Turbosmart eBoost2 boost controller
  • 2000cc injectors & Secondary fuel tank with triple in-tank pump upgrade for E85
  • Turbosmart FPR2000 fuel pressure regulator
  • Clutch and flywheel upgrade
  • Mazdaspeed front bar (unpainted) for increased air flow to intercooler
  • Removal and re-install of engine and accessories
  • Replace all fluids
  • Drive in drive out
Stay tuned for more updates soon. 
For further information and pricing please call the workshop on 02 9792 7076 and speak to Rodney or email

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