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Sydney Motorsport park once again erupted with the sound of angry rotors attending the insanely-popular Rotary Revival event on Sunday.

Although we only had a relatively small group of customers head out for this one compared to previous events, there was still plenty of fun had by all, cruising and thrashing on the track!!

Having recently picked up the car not long before the event, David was keen as mustard to get the iconic FROGER out of the track for some thrashing... He even drove the car to the event from Wollongong and home again, showing the kind of reliability and drivability that can be achieved with wicked-up rotors these days!

 Another 'Gong local, Steve brought his stunning RX3 HYP303 out for the day and thoroughly enjoyed slapping gears in the cruise sessions...

As always, Eshan's BMW got plenty of attention both on and off the track. Powered by an EFI 13BPP it made for a sweet sound as it flew down the main straight at full-tilt during the racer laps.

Paul's RX3 certainly looked wicked in action, the custom blue just glistening in the sun... As far as looks go, they don't get much better than that in our opinion - Sweet & Simple!

Still rocking the little 12A under the bonnet of BUZ69S, Charbel was frying tyres at every chance he got, proving there's plenty of poke left in the old girl!

It's not every day you see a convertible FC, especially one as neat and off-tap as Adam's weapon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get any photos of Adam's antics on the track but trust us when we say his rear tyres would have seen better days after the event!

Never one to miss an event, Jamie Borg brought WPNRX3 out for a day of thrashing and a bit of advertising as the car is for sale...

Not content with bringing one car to the event, Jamie also had LOW09S at the event, switching between the two and handing a few chops out during the cruise sessions.

A car you hear before you see it, especially with the exhaust valve open, Paul's crazy 20BPP R100 got the punters excited every time it cruised by, or even started up for that matter... there's just nothing quite like the sound of an angry 20B!

On the night prior to the event, CALHLP re-set the Australian 13B Street Car Record and although owner Rami wasn't able to get out on the day, he had his brother take his place, cutting a few laps

Gavin & his boys were having a ball in his Billet By PAC-equipped coupe PSICHO, getting plenty of laps under his belt during the event.

Always keen for a thrash and to get amongst the off-street racing, James was out in RX3SUM and giving the little 12A, and his rear tyres a hiding... Unfortunately, the gearbox didn't hold up as well as those two, with 3rd gear deciding to call it quits.
Overall everyone who attended had an absolute ball and we're already counting down 'till the next event in 2020! if you're a keen rotor head and haven't attended one of these events as yet, we suggest you get onto it 'cos there's really nothing like a hundred or so buzzin' rotors, cutting sic in one place!

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