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What is Roll Racing?

Roll Racing is the latest form of Motorsport event to hit Australia, catering for recreational Motorsport customers who like to drive their car to it's full potential and have fun in a safe and controlled environment.

The concept is that you race another vehicle from a rolling start of around 50kms/hr. You will set off from the marshalling point and in the first section before the lights you will speed up to 50km/hr, once the lights turn from orange to green you race along the front straight to the finish line which is about 250mtrs away to see who has the quickest car, then after your race you can return back to the marshalling area and race someone else. This event is very free flowing with minimal (if any) down time so you can make quite a few passes on the night. 


How much does it cost?

Roll Racing entries are $65 per entry which includes Vehicle entry + Driver Entry + Tunnel access + support vehicle. 

You will also require a RACERS Licence, a Day licence is $20 and a yearly licence is $55.

Passengers can also ride along at Roll Racing and passenger bands can be bought on the day from the drivers briefing area for $20


When will this be happening?

These events will be held once a month at Sydney Motorsport Park with the first event kicking off on the 22nd of July.

Click on this link HERE to enter.  


Event Schedule:

  • Registration Office opens at 4.30pm
  • Gates open at 5pm
  • Drivers briefings start at 5.30pm
  • Roll Racing circuit open 6pm – 9.30pm
  • Roll Racing Eliminator 9.30-10pm – 9.29pm Pit exit closed so you need to be in the marshalling lanes before 9.30pm
  • Venue Closed 11pm

Track Map:

For more information on this awesome event click on the website -

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