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We like to say that we're in the business of making dreams come true and while there are no late-night visits from the fairies happening here at Pac HQ (although after those long nights of overtime the mind does wander a bit...) the A-team always comes through with the goods to bring our customers dreams and vision to reality - This ground-up build is one of the latest examples of that!

Wally's RX3 Coupe is a real wreck to riches story if there ever was one! Dug out of the back of a barn in South East Queensland a few years back, it's been painstaking-transformed into arguably one of the cleanest and toughest genuine street RX3s built to date. But as you can see from these snaps, it didn't always look that way!

Although first impressions would have you thinking the car was rough-as, in fact, once it was cleaned up and stripped back it was actually quite a good shell, much better than some of the shells we've had to deal with in the past!

The fact that the car was fairly original and didn't have 50 layers of paint and filler applied over the past 40+ years made things a lot better for us and the panel shop!

Taking care of the paint and panel work for this build was Shalala ????? who did an amazing job of bringing the old girl back to her former glory and providing the base for us to work our magic.

Once returned to the shop, over the next few weeks the team got to work assembling the car with all the pre-fabricated parts making the task a simple one, especially when it comes to installing components that we offer as kits and packages that have been designed to be a simple bolt-in job...

Looking at the car now, you can be forgiven for thinking that there is no way that it's the same car! But that just goes to show that with the right people involved and years of experience behind us, anything is possible and even the wildest dreams really can come true!
Every component on the car is either new or reconditioned in this nut-and-bolt rebuild, with no corners cut in the quest to build our best RX3 yet. A goal that we think we have knocked out of the park, and the owner thinks so too!!
Under the hood, things get even more exciting... A full Billet By PAC 13B heart beats strong to a Bridgeport tune via a full Motec M1 Series engine management system. Garrett Advancing Motion GTX45, an array of Turbosmart goodies and Elite intake setup make up just some of the premium components found in the engine bay, which is all plumbed up with genuine Speedflow Series 500 kevlar hose & fittings.
Those with a keen eye may also spy the electric DBW throttle body setup that's controlled by the Motec M130 ECU. Yet another advanced bit of gear that is fast becoming a staple in our builds these days, offering even more control and tunability.
Inside the car, well what can we say...? We were just as speechless as you probably are seeing this for this the first time!! The team at X-Trim once again stepped things up a notch to deliver a trim that's equal to the quality of the rest of the build.
Look closely and you will see many of the next-level platinum inclusions on offer with our builds, including full premium sound with reverse camera, paddle shift with digital panel and electric hand brake. All this combined with the sexy Motec C127 dash display & 5-button rotary controller makes for a real 2020-spec RX3 interior! 
Recaro Sportster CS seats up front are matched to a custom rear seat, the whole lot trimmed in a style and quality you'd expect to see in brand new, high-end prestige European cars - the exact style the owner was after. No matter where you look, you seriously can't fault it! 
Since completing the build a few weeks ago, the car has seen plenty of street use, as it was built for and will soon be ready for the final tune where we will see the beast unleashed and hopefully, if the event restrictions are lifted we'll even get to see her strut her stuff on the track as well...
Classy looks, prestige comfort & performance in a 40+-year-old car...Can you have your cake and eat it too...?? We're certainly confident that YES, you can!!

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