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Dyno Tuning

Here at PAC Performance we use a Mainline Dynamometers AWD1800 4WD dyno for the utmost in tuning accuracy. Featuring highly-advanced data acquisition, traction control modules and a high-tech strapping system to help eliminate wheel-spin, our dyno is capable of holding in excess of 2200hp and is suitable for all 2WD and 4WD cars. All this, along with Rocky's experience on and off the track, will help us get you the best possible performance from your car. All dyno sessions are accompanied by a professional consultation and come complete with a graph and horse power reading. Bookings are essential, call now on 02 9792 7076 or email

Engine Building

An integral part of any performance upgrade is the engine. All engine building is carried out in house by Rocky. With over 20 years experience in the field, Rocky has all the right tools to build you a motor to exact tolerances. All porting including mild, bridge, peripheral and turbo ports are carried out in house. There are motor rebuilds to suit all applications from standard street usage to 1600+hp race engines, with every engine build tailored to the customer needs or class requirements. Blue printing, lightening, engine dowelling and balancing services are also available. Call us for more info on 02 9792 7076 or email

Spare Parts

We have a wide range of new and used parts for all your rotary and high performance needs, from performance enhancing parts to simple service items for many different makes and models. In addition to our own range of custom parts and accessories, PAC Performance is also an authorised dealer for quality brands like Haltech, Turbosmart, Castrol Edge, VP Race Fuels, Microtech, Motec and more, as well as being a Master Distributer for Garrett turbos and the Exclusive Australian Distributer for GForce Transmissions, with a large inventory of stock on hand, ready to go. If there is anything you need we've got it, if not we will track it down for the best price guaranteed. Trade enquiries are welcomed. Check out our online shop HERE


PAC Performance has an in-house fabricator, able to take care of all your fabrication needs. From something as simple as custom intercooler piping to building a complete chassis, we’ve got you covered. Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done and our vast experience in the industry and on the race track will ensure it’s done right and on time. For any fabrication enquiries call us on 02 9792 7076 or email

Support Team

PAC Performance is a one-stop performance shop. You can virtually drop off a bare shell and within 2-3 months, have it ready to drive away. The workshop is equipped to carry out anything from a simple oil change to a full race car build. Our technicians are fully trained to fabricate and fit what is required for you to race at the track or to just drive on the street. We also have a dedicated support team on standby to complete the tasks that cannot be carried out in-house; they include some of the following - panel beaters, spray painters, auto electricians, interior specialists, tyre/wheel specialists, engineers and custom graphics.

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